Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hair journey: damaged to healthy hair

Some experiment with style, some with their hair. Me on the other hand with both.

The first time i changed my hair color I was 16 and I wanted red hair badly, but on the other hand I didn't want to damage it. So I bought a color shampoo and tried it on my own. Being a natural brunette didn't help in that process so I only got a few red streaks. A year later the whole ombre trend was taking over the streets and I was obsessed with it. I had ombre hair for two years, until I got bored of it and I knew I needed a bigger change. The love for red hair was still there, but after talking to my hairdresser about how hard the whole process is I decided to slowly go blonde. Being blonde was so much fun, and honestly I gained a lot of confidence in the process. But being pale and having light hair came with the need to put make up on or at least a lipstick most of the time cause I looked too pale. So after being blonde for almost a year I decided that I am gonna risk it and finally become a redhead. The first time I saw myself with red hair I knew that I made a great decision.

But all of this came with a price, and my hair got damaged in the whole process. Therefore I went on a search, looking for the perfect products that will make my hair more alive. I tried all kinds of different products, some of them worked, some not so much. 

But I finally found the perfect mix for my hair and these are my top favorite products for hair care.

1.Advance Techniques 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner 2.Balea Professional Color Schutz shampoo 3.Advance Techniques treatment mask 4. Lorys snake oil deep moisturizing hair cream 5.Advance Techniques dry shampoo 6.Coconut Oil

Advanced Techniques 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner
Balea Professional Color Schutz shampoo 

I tried a tons of shampoos until i found out that the combination of these two was perfect. I wash my hair the first time with the Advanced techniques one and the second one with Balea. The first shampoo is for luminous shine, so yeah it adds shine to your hair and i love how soft it makes my hair. The Balea one is for dyed hair and its used to protect it, to intensifies the color effect and prolongs it which sounds like a great deal to me.

Lorys snake oil deep moisturizing hair cream
Advance Techniques treatment mask 

Lorys hair creams are amazing! I have been using them for years now. I have tried different versions but the snake oil one is my current one. Its quite cheap for a 1kg product, but its so good. It has a special kind of silicone in it which is suppose to protect and restore the damaged hair. I use it after shampooing, on wet hair, and I leave it for five minutes and wash it out. The effects are incredible.
The advance techniques mask is for luxuriously nourished hair, with supreme 5 oils. I only recently started using this mask, but I can already see the effects. My hair is softer than ever and shines much more. 

Advance Techniques dry shampoo 
Coconut Oil

Dry shampoos have been a thing for a while now, and I found the perfect one for me. Lets be real we all have days when we don't have enough time to wash our hair and blow dry it. Especially if you have a thick long hair like mine, it takes a lot of time. So this is the savior. It absorbs the oil of your hair and it makes it smell incredibly good. And a bonus point for not making your hair whiter, cause that has happened with other dry shampoos. 
And now for my favorite hair product which is not just for hair, the coconut oil. I am so happy i found this product it is basically magical! I put it on the ends of my hair to make them less dry and damaged, and also before rinsing my hair, I put it in my hair roots for 15 minutes, cause it makes your hair grow longer faster.  Also you can find so many other usages for the coconut oil online!

My hair is still a little bit damaged and I haven't had it dyed for two months in order to get it more healthy. I plan to keep up with my hair routine for a while cause i love how it makes my hair and hopefully soon it will look even more healthy and alive.

What are your favorite hair products? Do you use any of the ones I have mentioned?
Do you dye your hair?
Thank you for reading.


  1. Nice post, keep up the good work xX

  2. Многу се радувам кога гледам нови блогери! Ти посакувам многу постови, многу нови содржини :*

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  3. Good for you for finding something that works! I'm also in the process of improving my hair health! Good luck to us all! :)

    Katie | Willow and White

    1. I hope you find something that works too! :)