Sunday, February 19, 2017

Unboxing: Japan Candy Box

Hello lovely people!

This week I decided to dedicate this post to the lovely subscription company 
I received my January box on Valentines day so it was such a lovely and pleasant surprise.
I was quite excited to try out Japan candy, and honestly i received some amazing products.
Read more below if you want to see my review of the products.

I have tried a few other subscription boxes before, but I gotta say this one is one of the best. It has 10 items in the box, which is quite enough, since for the same prize I have gotten like 5 products before.
The packaging is really cute and pink, and it also has a few pieces of papers inside naming the products and some coupon codes which is pretty great.

1.Kabaya Sakupan Chocolate Cookies / 2. Kabaya Hello Kitty Strawberry Biscuit Sticks

The chocolate panda cookies were a bit melted but they still looked really cute. The chocolate part was really good, but the biscuit cookie part I didn't really like.
The Hello Kitty sticks had such an interesting strawberry smell, and their taste is definitely unique. 

3.Morinaga Strawberry Chocoball / 4.Sanritsu Genji-Pie / 5. Meigum Sour Grape Gum

The chocoballs are a quite nice mix of strawberry taste with white chocolate. I personally am not a big fan of strawberry in candy, but my grandma absolutely loved them. 
The Genji Pie was such a surprise to me. I didn't expect that it would taste soooo good! I want to order a box full of genji pies right now haha. But its such a good treat. I loved the buttery sugar taste it had.
The sour grape gum was quite tasty, and I was a little afraid that it would be too sour for my taste but me and my sister ended up loving these gums.

6.Glico Disney Popcan Lollipop / 7. Morinaga Disney Choco & Strawberry Biscuits / 8. Tirol BIS Milk Chocolate

This Disney Lollipop was the cutest thing ever, I didn't want to eat it, but then again I was quite curious about the taste. It tasted really good. 
The Disney choco biscuits I think were my favorite thing in this box. When you open the package it has the nicest smell ever, and I just realized that they also had strawberry in them but I only noticed the taste of chocolate. Also just look how cute the Disney characters look on the cookies.
This tiny chocolate was really good, it was the perfect milk chocolate.

9. Coris Yaoya-San Fruit & Vegetable Shop DIY Kit / 10. Bourbon Fettuccine Mix Fruit Soda Gummy 

I had fun playing with the DIY kit, but to be honest I would eat the gummy without cute forms too. It tasted that good!
And those fruit soda gummies were addictive and I really liked the weird sour taste they had.

I gotta admit I took a lactaid pill after this, cause i am lactose intolerant but I did enjoy the whole box of goodies. Get your own box with free shipping here!

Are you subscribed to any other food related services? Would you try the Japan Candy Box?

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  1. Hi Nikolina, this Japan candy box is so adorable and everything inside looks super yummy!