Monday, April 24, 2017

Best affordable Aliexpress picks!

Hey there lovely people!
I know, I know. I was absent for a while. But life is busy, and university takes a lot of time.
But I am back now! And I plan to stay active!
Okay now let's get back on track.
In 2012 I found this little gem called Aliexpress. Its a online shopping site from China.
I had my doubts about it, but there were so many things on there that were way too cute and I just couldn't resist making a small order. So I did, and here I am five years later, being an Aliexpress shopaholic. 

Some of things i bought weren't the greatest, but the customer protection is amazing, and you can get your money back. On the other hand, there are so many great things me and my sister have received and I decided to make a blog series about it. 

So here are my monthly picks from Aliexpress.

This cupcake bag is my sister's pick. To be honest its a bit too much for my style, but with a simple outfit it can make it stand out and look cute. The seller we ordered it from sadly no longer has a shop, but we got it quite cheaper. Overall the bag quality is amazing, and yes it is a small bag, but we manage to fit in it a lot of things. It had no weird fabric or plastic smell which is a great plus for me.
Also its a really unique bag.

I am obsessed with photography, and cameras, and lenses and all that. So when camera lens mugs became a thing I went crazy about it. But I had no idea that this cup was on Aliexpress too. I found it while I was randomly searching through Ali and I ordered it immediately. It came by really quick, it was covered with protective plastic foil and it wasn't broken or anything. It had a bit of a plastic smell inside, but with washing it went away. Its also a good decorative piece, you don't need to use it. For the price, its worth it.


I was seeing similar watches on Instagram and I was drooling over them until I found this on Ali. Its the cutest thing ever, and I love how the little airplane goes in circles too. Also i love how good it looks with the bracelet. I have an obsession with stacking bracelets on my hand, especially in summer. I know some people are able to weave them by themselves, but I am not good at that and I just decided to order it. Unfortunately I lost my bracelet somewhere in Greece last year, but I definitely plan on picking another one.

I wear glasses and I am on the hunt for a new pair of glasses when I am not wearing my lenses. Sadly, this is not the one. These here are kinda too big for my face, but on my sister they look perfect! I kinda envy her now, but hey at least I can steal them from her for cute Insta pics right?

Anyway have you ever ordered anything from Aliexpress? What are your favorite affordable picks from there?

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  1. Одлични линкови и производи! Веднаш го ставив часовникот во Wish List :D

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